About Me

My name is Maarten, a 31-year-old man from Breda, The Netherlands. Now I can hear you thinking: A man who starts a diet-focused Food Blog ?! We do not see that very often! But I do it with pleasure. For starters, I really enjoy cooking and have a lot of experience with making delicious Low FODMAP dishes. And I want to share that experience with everyone who can benefit from it.

A short piece of history: After years of struggling with abdominal complaints, cramps and diarrhea, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I talk about at least 10 years ago, and at that time there was actually no form of treatment. At that time IBS was actually a collection term for gastrointestinal complaints that could not be remedied. Looking at the diet of a patient was not common practice at that time. After seeing lots of medical specialists I had to live with “the complaints can not be remedied or reduced”. I did not accept that, and I was so bold as to request a second opinion from a hospital that was regarded as (at the time) the best in terms of Gastroenterology in the Netherlands. It was the medical expert there that send me to a dietitian.

I myself had already found out that the removal of lactose from my daily diet helped tremendously, but the complaints were certainly not gone completely. That triggered me in the belief that food could have a lot more influence on my body than I had assumed until then. On the advice of a for that time progressive dietitian I started to follow the Low FODMAP diet, developed by the Monash University in Australia. At the beginning of 2015 I started to follow this diet. Of course you have to get used to not being allowed to use a lot of these delicious products. Garlic and onion were consumed almost daily by me, as well as a good amount of wheat. And cooking from a package (which I did not like very much anyway) was not possible anymore! From now on everything had to be fresh and I had to start reading the ingredient lists of packaging. But instead of being annoying, I enjoyed the sport to bring a delicious Low FODMAP to the table. And of course the food had to be nice enough so that, for example, my girlfriend could also appreciate it; after all, she has to eat as well. And that worked (and still works) perfectly.

Apart from the fact that the dishes were tasty, there were the enormous positive aspects of the diet itself. Not only did it significantly reduce my complaints, it also changed my way of life. I regained energy and appetite, and the food tasted good again. From that time on, i began to appreciate cooking more and more. But I ran into a major disadvantage; there were very few recipes that were developed specifically for this diet. There are now a number sites and blogs on which FODMAP is specifically in the picture. But in this case, more is always better!

What I have always noticed at many sites with Low FODMAP dishes is the enormous complexity of the dishes and the laundry list of necessary ingredients. I like to cook, but I do not want to spend every spare minute of my free time in the kitchen and to stuff my pantry with the most exotic products, only to be used once. Why couldn’t that simple stew or plate of pasta just be made into a Low FODMAP dish? Fortunately, I soon found out that that was possible! On the basis of my own taste and wishes, I have created a large number of delicious (at least, I think they are delicious) dishes that meet the requirements of the basic diet. I would like to share those dishes to help the people who struggle to follow the Low FODMAP diet and to make sure they can put a tasty meal on the table without having to worry about stomach pain or other intestinal complaints. With Fodmeals I want to show that making delicious Low FODMAP does not have to be difficult at all. Success assured 🙂